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Guess u get what u pay for. Overall, the compass seems solid to me.

What’s the Difference Between a Bug Out Bag and a Get Home Bag?

Its got a heavy metal feel, no air bubble in the dial - so far. When I set it on a plastic table next to my other compass' 12 inches apart and my iPhone compass they all point in the same direction. Some peeps seem to indicate that this is a bad compass, maybe its not the best you can buy. But I dont' regularly do orienteering at pm at night or do something were my life depends on me knowing where north is to within 1 degree of error. For the money its worth So glad I ordered this and got before Irma hit.

This has been awesome for radio since I'm still without power. I charged on laptop prior to power loss and put in the sun during the days since. It's been great at night for some some type of noise. Very happy! Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit []. Only 10 left in stock more on the way. This kit was delivered on time and in pristine condition. Pros: -Appropriate sheath for each blade. Each section is the appropriate size for each piece.

However it is a quality case that is worth the investment IMHO. This is a fairly major failing. I would like to see this corrected in the future. I will be correcting that with a waterproofing spray such as Camp Dry. Overall this is a good kit. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Next to weapons, this is the one category that everyone loves to go crazy over. Gadgets are cool, and some of these are especially sweet. Trying to practice what we preach, we recommend the following three tools for your bug out bag.

Illumination, like fire sources, is something we recommend having multiple instances of as well. If one fails or you lose it somehow, you have another to take its place. Communications is another highly contested category in the preparedness community. We like to keep it simple though. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, these items might prove quite useful. And being from the US ourselves, we definitely see why. Self defense is something we should all give serious consideration. Bugging out, in its severest of circumstances, is a survive or die proposition.

Chances are some of the items will have you scratching your head, but we assure you, you want these items in your bug out bag. Oh, and before we forget… We make it a practice to state this disclaimer whenever we can to avoid any confusion. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do your own due diligence and come to your own conclusions.

Your bug out bag will not automagically keep you alive. It is, however, intended to help you survive a bug out scenario. Emergency preparedness is not a fad, nor a hobby. Well, there you have it! That, ladies and gentlemen, is our version of the Bug Out Bag List. What are your thoughts? Did we forget anything? What would you add to or take away from the list? Please let us know in the comments below. We love our subscribers and are sure to make them feel extra special. And also, if you know of anyone who would like this post, please share it with your like-minded friends.

And for the people with uteruses: buy a diva cup for the bug out bag! Sucker lasts for years and easy to use. For a more comprehensive list of grab bag items, check out this post from Bug Out Bag Academy. Your bag should be tailored to your own personal needs but contain the essential items that you would need to survive at least 72 hours. You should keep one of these bags in places where you spend most of your time. This could be one at home and one at work, or one at home, one at work, and one in the car.

Maybe to colect water, make fire, protect your socks on wet conditions, protect some equipment that cannot get wet… It is not just for sex, you know. Medicines are very personal. But if you have specific needs like a diabetic person, or someone with blood pressure issues , you should addapt this list to your own needs. Keep a bug out bag in your car and keep a rotating stock of food and water at your bug out […]. This site has been super helpful for preparing our bug out bags and emergency roadside kit. One thing I would add that may not be for everyone is preparing bug out supplies for your pet as well.

If you know you could never leave a pet behind, definitely make sure you prepare supplies for them as well. However, the plethora of products can […]. If everyone decided that they had an inclination to create a three-day emergency kit, the world would be a better place. There is no downside to being prepared to function and survive for 72 hours out of a backpack. I for one wanted the lightest weight gear possible in the day of ultralight gear.

Build A Kit |

My main concerns in order are comfort, weight and durability. FYI, there are thru-hikers getting their total possibles from lbs; which could be done with a BOB, as there are 40 liter bags at just over 1 lb. Just my take on the bag I put it all in. Add my food and I can be out indefinitely at will. Your mileage may vary.

They have USB charging cables, and the […]. I believe that a satellite cellphone should be in a bugout bag. Also I believe a tea kettle has many purposes, and cooking camping gear only weighs 1. To finalize we need a medical kit but the one that also bring the sewing needles and scalpel and tourniquet. If is not for you you can save a person life. Humans needs to be with other humans. Two heads think better than one. God bless you. Spring-powered rather than battery if possible.

If there was an EMP, electronic things may not work. You might want 2 watches in case you want to synchronize with somebody. Good call, Rich! Actually, owning yeast and sugar and a fermenting bottle or two to make your own hooch by. Near endless supply to trade by. If you learn the art, then you have an invaluable skill to trade by. This list is pretty cool. But what if there is a toxic gas? Because you can use them to carry water if your canteen, collapsible water bottle, and hard water bottle are broken full or lost.

You can also put Cheyenne pepper and gunpowder in one. Light, throw, and watch. Who or whatever you threw it at will have all senses destroyed. Which will allow you time to run. Strangely they have many uses. If you make sure they are anti spermicidal then they have anti-bacterial properties for helping with water purification and even for packing wounds to prevent infection!! Hi Megan. If you subscribed to our email newsletter, you should have received a link in your email as well as on the download page.

Please let me know if that is not the case. Hey Chris, were you able to subscribe to our newsletter? Looking forward to seeing updates along the way. Thanks for reading and commenting, Ben! Talk soon. Please keep up the good work. Best regards, Joseph F. Laminate your maps and i recommend a laminate foraging guide for your area. I started this hobby recently and cannot believe the amount of food out there.

It will freeze and crack and be useless. I found this out the hard way. Use a sawyer water filter. It works way better and filters thousands and thousands more gallons of water. How about a solar string if lights to light up your campsite or a compact shovel for when you have to go or for other reasons like digging a foxhole shelter so you stay at the perfect tempature. Just a question.

How can I get or get my doctor to get an ample supply of extra medicines say 90 day supply. Son has asthma so I have battery nebulizer but need extra packages. I have diabetes so would need my meds as well. Any option to have enough to get thru would be appreciated. It has scenarios, drills, and is full of useful and insightful information. He is also a huge advocate of designing a BOB that fits your needs based on factors that pertain to your situation.

Being prepared, you could write all day about what to have and pack. Knowledge and the means to apply it are the most important thing you need. My military career took me all the way to the SF. Deployed in combat. Learned real quick too much weight was a killer. Like the man talking about ammo, when the SHTF there will be ammo on the ground, along with weapons.

So pack your bags, prepare, but learn to survive without all these items that will run out if extended time in the bush is required. But I agree basic survival items are good to have packed. Getting out to or towards your destination will possibly the toughest part of your entire post apocalyptic experience. People will stop in the roads and trails where others are stopped. There will be many people who will have equipment, food, or health issues, others will stop to lend aid if possible and soon it will be difficult or even impossible in certain terrains to get past these groups and that will leave you all exposed to attack or at least the theft of your possessions.

  • 13 Wilderness Survival Kit List Items [You Need to Pack These].
  • 13 Wilderness Survival Kit List Items [You Need to Pack These].
  • Build A Kit!
  • Little Book, Big Prayers: Spiritual Growth!

Strongly consider traveling at night and staying away from the main trails. Avoid people, especially in large groups and keep a frosty eye open for traps and ambushes. The best thing to do, is to use wisdom and judgment and trust your instincts when it comes to people. Point well taken, Jon. I prefer to spend time in the real world, too! Thanks for commenting and for your service. But the Snickers is so practical, so filling, so savory that it barely even counts as candy at […]. Just what I have been looking for. I know that wool is the best for socks but I am allergic to wool , so what would you suggest?

Do you have the same reaction with Merino Wool? Merino wool is still moisture wicking, but is soft in comparison. Hope this helps! All the advantages of wool, but without the itch or allergic reaction. They come in different weights, too. Look for socks and products made with alpaca wool. A little more expensive, but it is typically non-allergenic if you are allergic to wool. Buy some cheap zip lock snack bags and pack them tight with dryer lint for an excellent fire tinder.

You can make them even more compact if you place several of the bags in vacuum sealer bags and suck the air out of them also keeps them from soaking up moisture and becoming mildewed in your pack. I try to vacuum seal as many items in my pack as possible for long-term storage like ammo,matches, cotton balls, etc. This is the first time I am thinking to bug out :.

This is the list I was looking for. I am sure I will not miss anything if i follow this. I bought a cheap Gen 1 Yukon hands free night vision monocular. I plan on moving at night. My night vision is not military grade, and it is not great for combat. However, I have used it to walk around the woods at night. It is certainly better than using a flashlight when you are trying to remain hidden. A pretty decent list can be found on this website. You will also need to make sure you have the essentials at home, accessible to your family.

Keep […].

Bug Out Bag Supplies

Id also recommend a portable ham radio i just got the BoaFeng BF-F8HP for communication with family as well as weather alerts and if you know what your doing,so much more. Available under various similar names for just a few dollars on eBay from China with free shipping, these devices give a small electric zap when you puch the button using a similar system to the piezo gas ignitors. I spend a lot of time in sporting goods stores just looking. Leave no trace is a big part of scouts, so visit the local Boy Scout store. I use to be able to.

They also double as ear plugs. My brand is Jaybird X3 8 hr battery life. Put tampons and maxi pads on there. Great for bandages and ear protection when firing heavy weapons. Just take the strings out to keep your manhood intact. Hope this helps clear things up for you! And maxi pads are OK pressure pads for wounds. Or a menstrual cup. They have a 10 year life-span, reusable, easily cleaned, and are incredibly durable. I got mine at Academy Sports. Quality is very good. I just got home and got super glue. Only add the baking powder after your done with the glue.

Works on metal, plastic etc. Nice work. I live in the Pacific Northwest Canada where we have earthquake kits. Your list is the best I have come across, far superior to the local government ones. I will definitely share it with my neighbours and add a few items thanks to you! Hammock systems are great sleeping, especially for 3 seasons 4 seasons can be done but you have to carry extra weight in under quilts A collapsible pair of walking sticks are a must, bugging out and walking thru the woods presents so many dangers of twisting an ankle or tripping falling.

A folding trench shovel with sharpened edges will replace a machete, ax, and hatchet as well as making a stealthy self defense weapon. Plus you can leave them in for up to 24 hours, depending on flow. Diva cup is a good suggestion. However, make sure you use it for a while. I cannot wear them. That would be horrible to find out in a survival situation.

A large gravity fed Water filter is good for a base camp or family. Sawyer squeeze filters and life straws work for one person. Also osprey water bladders for your pack allow you to sip on the go. I have spent a lot of time in the woods. Top 2 things I miss when I return home are a hot shower and toilet paper. The hot shower is difficult to carry in a bug out bag but toilet paper in a ziplock bag is too easy. It has several uses other than clean up….

Solar-Heated Camp Shower holds 5 gal of water. Just hang from tree and sun heats up. Wash up as needed. Up north that solar shower is still cold as fck, even in the summer. Zero is zero, one is one. Just carry a backup instead of stupidly twisting language. If you have two you have one back up. If you only have one you have no back up! Pretty simple really not twisting at all! Any suggestions on what to use instead of the wool and latex items? Instead of sheeps wool, try alpaca. You can use cotton instead of wool, and for the latex allergy at every drug store they have a non latex option for you.

Cotton when wet is worthless. Wool is a much better choice in my opinion. Lasts longer and cam be used for alternative purposes if needed. Very nice list and lots of helpful comments. Thank you! I mean, its a great list but i think its too much. Where i live its woods but i live close enough to 2 cities like a days walk. I would recommend, learn to reproduce animals, for self substaning , learn how to treat them, have a good guard dog, not big and mean to protect you, its not an atack dog its a guard one. Not big because you have to feed him.

He barks for your awareness and can help you hunting. You need to have a small hoe without a handle you can make one in the woods jf thats the llace youre going, have an axe, knife, tarp for cover, first aid kit, paracord a few feet, a rope, some carabeners, seeds, water containers, whool blanket, and if possible a toy for your dog, you can make one out of rope, keep him happy and he will help you allways. I mean, the rest its just knowlege, learn some knots, some hunting fishing tecniques, some farming tecniques, learn your surrondings, where to go, out to go, when to go, lookout points, advantage oounts, where the animals are, where can you move next, i mean its much more the know how and not the i have everething and cannot use it.

I hope i helped as you have helped me. To those such as myself as i wear glasses, an extra pair of glasses will be a blessing in any bug out situation. Great tip! A few days of instant coffee Via will you get you past caffeine withdrawals. The last thing you need is a raging headache. Excellent recommendation about caffeine withdrawals. Could be very debilitating the first several days. I would suggest some Petroleum jelly or chapstick as well. It can be used for chapped lips, open cuts or scrapes, and can even be used in lieu of Fire cubes, just mix cotton balls or some wood shavings or tinder and it will burn long enough to get a fire going.

I also wanted to note that the latex tubing idea has a lot of uses, fishing weights, tourniquet as mentioned already sling shot, glasses strap, can even be used as a straw…knowledge is power. Try not to be so hard on people for misunderstanding the uses of a condom in a survival situation. Also, has anyone ever tried using a water purification pump to filter and drink urine? It contains very high levels of salt and other impurities that need to be removed from your body.

The drinking your urine twice thing is an old wives tale so to speak. In reality the more dire the situation the worse of an idea it is to drink your own urine. Again im not sure so dont take that as gospel or anything but it only makes sense. So much advice. A You will never be fully prepared B Do it! Drive into the woods, park your car, get out and walk for one day and THEN take out your map and compass. ALSO, for those of us who live in cities; learn to read crowds and to navigate different cultures. I live in Oakland and any time we have civil unrest, i document it.

Ive done this for two decades and can tell you when a crowd is going to rush, the cops are going to fire gas as opposed to lead beanbags, or when its time for my skinny white ass to get outa dodge quick. I can tell a genuine plea or offer for help from a trap in an instant. They are your biggest threat and greatest assets. Im a preschool teacher to affluent kids and regularly bring them on public transportation through the worse parts of East Oakland. I expose thec4yo choldren of wealthy doctors, lawyers and tech millionaires to Islamic culture, gang-heavy neighborhoods, and feed the destitute homeless.

The research

And id trust these kids to barter the last of my water to find an escape route out of the city. And biggest threat. I try to have my while family picked at times for week of backpacking. I made a backstrap with quick release attachments to hitch myself to a rollator that makes it much easier to maintain support while going downhill instead of relying on the hand brakes. My wife and I both use canes. We find beach carts to be invaluable you can carry more besides a bug out bag.

We use them when we go to the mall etc. Admittedly my BOB is more of a BOT trunk , and is currently geared towards a sudden camping trip rather than an emergency bail. A pencil sharpener weighs nothing and takes up zero space. A pencil sharpener is great for getting into the dry area in sticks. Any chance you get to save your knife blade from work is a great idea. Like I said it weighs nothing so why not. Just twist a stick in there and you have a nice thin strip of wood waiting to catch on fire and, like Stephen said, it weighs practically nothing.

Most persons even fit ones will have problems with moveability and operating radius when carrying a backpack weighing in excess of 14kg 25lbs..? Try to include objects in the bag that may be used for multiple purposes, per object. I dont have rime to read all the comments but i read a good 50 or What everyone fails to think when they do the bug out bag is where am i bugging out to?

Am i going to run around randomly or go to moms house or where ever. Having a bug out location is the key. Having back up bug out locationS is even better. Find some where secure and stock it. Find some where securer and stock it too. I live in the woods im pretty confident i wont bug out but believe me i have 3 locations within a weeks walking distance of each other. A bob just needs to get you to the location someone said try humping 50 pounds for 3 hours or something like that and its true.

Some food water and water filter is all you need. All the major tools food water clothes storage or what not should already be at your location. All you need is a fanny pack and a way to conceal a hand gun. I live on the coast of Australia. Where I live the worst natural disaster we ever had was very high winds or minor flooding. The mountains here are no bigger than meters and take only a couple hours to travel through.

I could take a bit of a journey and practice in the Blue Mountains or something I guess…. Any better suggestions? I thought just learning skills like archery, martial arts, survival cooking, etc. Also, learning what you can eat if you were to have to stay in the wilderness for a prolonged period of time. All these are great tools and double up as fantastic melee weapons. Is it the latest and greatest in night vision … […]. Is there a strap system that can add MOLLE capability to a standard civilian type backpack like these? Someone is starving and they see you passing by with a backpack stuffed full.

They might just shoot you in the head before you even know they are there. Skills are much more important than gear. If someone thinks you have something, they will want it, when someone wants something of yours and they know there will not be repercussions for their actions, they will get violent. Great list. What it boils down to is your environment and personal skill levels. If are trained and skilled in survival then the less stuff you need, less trained means more gear. I have 2 makeshift water bladders, made of box wine liner. Cut one corner, clean it out and you have a good size water bladed, with a button release.

Makeshift Shower or simply storage. Fish line and fish hooks. Sandwich bag filled with small square bagbags, yes like the ones you get from your dealer and fill em with spices. Machete or axe. If you injure yourself in any SHTF scenario. Unless you make a practice of lugging a Ruck all the time. You will injure yourself even just carrying a 40lb ruck. The next Am we were all looking for. Preps are important..

Well said. Keeping your fitness level up should be priority one and two. Well im lbs. I was about 10 miles a day with no pack. My bug out bag is for my wife and I, its about 50lbs.

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It is a hiking backpack so it has good back support around hips. What happens if sonethin happens to you your wife ha to carry 50 pounds or you do injured, if she carried her 25 pounds and somethin happened she still may be able to carry her 25 pounds or you could carry it until she was capable. This is helpful. They are also very light weight and the lack of poles make them easier to store.

Might be a good idea to take some coffee. Liquor tobacco for Comfort and stress relievers as well as for possible trade items. These are not good items to use in any survival situation. Though they have their merits and value, they should be avoided for the most part. Alcohol, tobacco, and coffee will all dehydrate you in a bad way.

If caffeine or comfort are need, best things to have are tea or Tang, lame as that can sound. If you need caffeine, go for a few caffeine pills. I like to have a pill bottle with a plethora of different pills acetaminophen, nsaids, asprin, etc. Both have caffeine and pain killers and are great for controlling caffeine withdrawal. Also a bottle of Midol or a box of goddys weights a whole lot less than coffee and requires less water to waste. I smoke. Its nicotine content is very high so I carry a small, vaccume sealed pouch of it that weights about 4oz and with how strong it is will last for a month.

It goes in a Ziploc once I break the seal and before that will last forever vacuum packed. Where as cigs burn quick, leave trash to follow and go stale quickly, this lasts forever and the only trace of it is some ash. Hey guys an expat UK via USA of 30 years now in Australia and this place is nowhere near prepared for anything quite alarming. It is illegal unless you can justify a reason why you are carrying ANY knife including swiss army, leatherman etc. Anyway one thing we were taught in scouts in UK some 45 years ago a good pencil sharpener for shavings for fires, arrow points, and stakes.

Thought i would share as I never see it on lists. I have a Brass German one with extra blades dual sized takes up no room and at a pinch I can use it as a an electrical conductor. I have taken advanced first aid and am joing the sea rescue volunteers here they train you on nautical navigation and seamanship two skills that may come in handy. Great site!

Thanks, Basa! A small, basic pencil sharpener is a great addition to the list. Best of luck as a sea rescue volunteer! Lots of excellent items and suggestions. And a lot of great comments as well.. I would add a good picket sized durvival book close it up in a ziploc bag or print out some of your favorite excerpts or blog posts on survival. Since most of us myself included get our food from the grocery store, I am sure information about hunting or trapping small game could be a real life saver..

I would add a slingshot and ammo as well to my kit. This method has the added advantage of being silent. Squirrels and rabbits are easier to hunt than deer. I didnt see mention of a wire saw, very compact and able to cut small to medium sized limbs without dulling your knife or machete blade.. And a good sharpening stone to sharpen your knife, ax or machete. I am sure a lot of the smaller items can be bought expensively at Walmart , harbor freight, the dollar store, and even ebay.. Spend a little more on good quality knives carbon steel , ax, and machete. Just my two cents..

Thats all i need everything else mother nature can provide,. Is it the latest and greatest in night vision technology?

Bug Out Bag Essentials Checklist

No, it is not. However, it is a way to navigate in the dark without the use of a flashlight. I also went with a monocular instead of binoculars as it is easier to navigate wearing a monocular. Stealth is key when bugging out on foot. You do not want to draw attention to yourself when you are walking around with a big bag full of goodies and others do not have anything.

Earthquake Emergency Kit Preparation - The Earthquake Guy

Also if you cary an infrared flashlight, it wont light anything up to the naked eye, but even with just a cheaper gen 1 night vision, it will make your view MUCH MUCH brighter and more visible. Sum the flashlights will have a tiny red bulb that i doubt anyone would notice and others stay completely dark. Relatively inexpensive way to have a pretty powerful night vision system. The way this Country is going today, I suggest every one prepare for the worse. The Prepping Guide.

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